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Speed of response

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Speed of response

Once assembled scheme is recommended to check its operation: LEDs light up - do not light (red-white) to manually click on any of the 12 items in the main display window. Pressing the button is displayed in blue.
To test the reaction of the test human user writes the files programs <Any name>.sr (see example file).
The program can operate in two modes.

  1. Program *.sr
    The user himself writes sr-program (text files with the extension *.sr), which specifies the following parameters: the firing order of 12 LEDs connected to the outputs of LPT port (Scheme to Help); glow duration; pause between the LEDs glow in milliseconds.
    The format of the program text must necessarily satisfy the following requirements:
    - It must be a table of 4 columns: check number, number of LEDs, LED burning time T1, in milliseconds, and the time between the ignition T2 LEDs;
    - Each line must start with a "-" (dash);
    - The data in the line are separated by delimiter characters: two spaces or Tab, or semicolon (;), as in Excel * .csv files. Selection in Settings.
    User sr-program opens a menu command, the path to the program file stored in the blue box at the bottom of the main window and the file is opened automatically when the next program start. When you first start SR_LPT opens example file.
  2. Random
    On the basis of the random numbers are generated randomly the following values: LED number from 1 to 12; the pause between the different LEDs glow in milliseconds T2 (interval is defined in the settings from minimum to maximum). LED emission time T1 is the same for all the LEDs and is set in the settings. Automatically created file can be used in the "Program *.sr" mode.


The program starts with the Start button and stopped using the Stop button if you want to stop the program. After starting the program LEDs blink. If one of the LED flashes, the test person is trying as quickly as possible to press a button.
The test result is recorded as a table in result.txt file, each line contains: check number, number of LEDs and the response time in milliseconds. Columns are separated by separator character. If the subject did not have time to press the button until the LED is burned, then the sign "*" will be recorded instead of reaction time table (asterisk), and if he did not release the button, then the reaction time will be equal to 0 ms. To view the test results file can be opened by menu command Open result.txt.